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July 19, 2006
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Super DBZ Color by AnnouncerGuy Super DBZ Color by AnnouncerGuy
Contest entry for the Gamepro Super DBZ drawing contest. Okay, so this pic does exactly what art teachers hate: It sinks! into the bottom of the frame. What the hell? And those dragonballs that were supposed to fill in empty spaces seem to have somehow gone horribly off mark! Except for that one beneath Gokuh's leg. I totally nailed that sucker!

Ignoring the obvious compositional failings, I'd say I did fairly well with the coloring. This was my first time with photoshop and as you can tell from the energy blastts, I don't quite have the hang of it yet. I have to say some of the characters in this look awesome, especially Gohan and Cell. I never seem to go wrong with Gohan.. Gokuh and Vegeta look pretty good as well because that smudge tool works a hell of a lot better in photoshop and with a tablet. The colors may seem incorrect somewhat but I was trying to use the figures from the actual game as a reference and those are a little different from the anime colors. The screen on this computer is a little weird so I can't really tell how light or dark the colors are but I think they should look okay.

So about the actual game, from what I hear it's a lot of fun to play and is much more of a traditional fighter than the budoukai series. Meaning lots of those hard to pull off attack combos, I'm a button masher myself but I'm sure I'll want to apply myself this time. And then of course there's the manga styling of the characters and stages which looks pretty hot even if the graphics aren't the best. It really exudes that old school dragonball charm. However, despite rumors that were going around before it appears that the American version is NOT DUAL LANGUAGE!!! ARGGGHHHHHH!!!! Why do they have to be such freaks at Atari!! I feel so let down! Mislead! the sadness in my heart is beyond description! But I am still too much of a cheapskate to just go order the jap version. No, I need this free. I'll just deal with it and try to enjoy the gameplay, even if we'll be getting more crazy synthesizers in our intro instead of the 2005 version of Cha-La. Oh whatever.....I'm willing to suffer for the love of the series.
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saster43 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
nice done.
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18-(Elbows Krillin)
Krillin-Ouch, go easy on me!!
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perfect!! you have a great great talent!!
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Looks pretty amazing, you're like another version of Akira Toriyama or something.
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Is too much for my body 3
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that looks awsome
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really cool!
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Great collage of characters! :D
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