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February 24, 2006
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assignment book by AnnouncerGuy assignment book by AnnouncerGuy
I haven't doodled much in it this year so this is a rare piece. Well, If I doodle at all it always ends up as something horribly cataclysmic like a giant blob engulfing a city or a monster stomping on it. This started out as a doodle of a platypus in a vest and goggles but then I decided "Hey, why not make it as action movie-ish as possible?" So then the usual large explosion showed up, along with some dramatic lighting and yeah.......Paradoxus!!! also seemed to fit the theme so I threw that in because the platypus was once referred to as ornithorhynchus paradoxus before biologists got their act together and figured out what it was. Agh, I have a French oral tomorrow, I should be preparing...
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SuManana Apr 26, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Duuuuude... I think my middle school had the same agendas...

Oh, nice platypus. :D Keep the doodles alive!! Thats what agendas are there for!
This... This, is... A DOODLE!!!??? WTF! I think I should give up...
i have like the same kind of agenda, with the offbeat oddity thing too
shot bro.
your a buzzy dude. I am ver jelous of your imagination
:rofl: That's so cool!
O.O I wanna see that blob eating the city pic that you drew! xDD

This is an awesome sketch. It deserves to be inked and colored in your kickass style, it's so good. :w00t!: I :heart: the realistic platypus and find myself wowed by the big explosion. What a nice explosion! I think I'll hug it. *gets blown to pieces* :D :D :D

Fave! =^____^=
wow man,thats awesome. I always those assignment books they gave out and teachers expected you to right down what you have to do and sometimes theyd sign it and crap,so useless. Well,exept for doodling in apparently. lol Oh yeah,and if you hadnt heard Funimation is gonna have the latest DBZ movie, Janemba,played in theaters...well,"select" theaters anyway. == ; I hate it when they do that,like their afraid it wont make money cus its Anime,bunch of bastards. Anywho,just wish I lived where you do where your probably around bigger more important type theaters theyd select to play it at,even though you dont much like the english dub much it'd still be way cool to see Goku and the rest on the big screen like they did when the movies premiered originally in Japan. Anyhow,good luck in school and I so hope i can see that movie in theaters. n.n
Yeah, I'm gonna have to find some little boy to drag along with me so I don't look like a total idiot, but yeah, I'm gonna try to see it if it shows near me. I don't HATE Funi, I just prefer the original and as long as they keep the original music I could care less, wait, what am I saying? Of course they won't.
lol Hey c'mon,you know i love that remixed music...ofcourse when it comes to the movies they often throw in a track or two of commercial rock/metal which sucks but it still wont stop me from loving it either,a 30-foot or something tall Gohan kicking revitalized badguy but from otherwold right infront of thats gonna rock,for me I'll be dragging my girlfreind along though if I can see it, so she can look at me weird when i get excited about it.
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